Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman 3

**There are no serious spoilers in this review. However, there are a few minor plot details you might want to avoid if you're seeing it in the next few days**

I went to see Spiderman on Friday evening. It was a fun film. Concluding on moral choice was a fine idea. James Franco was good for once as Harry Osborn played a larger role in the plot this time out and he avoided the Tristan and Isolde perma-sulk. The main emotional story of Peter Parker and Mary Jane's relationship seemed credible. By superhero film standards it was a triumph of emotional realism. The script came up with plenty of excuses for jazz in the score which was very welcome.

It had some minor flaws. Some of the characters, Sandman for example, could have used more screen time to develop their own dilemmas and make them more credible. Too many villains for one film perhaps. Another little gripe, when Peter Parker leaves the theatre after the first performance of Mary Jane's musical there are signs suggesting the film has won a prestigious Tony award. However, the next day a major element in the plot is how bad the reviews are. How did the play get a Tony before the reviews came out?

However, my main problem with this film was Emo Spiderman. By all means have your character wrestle with the temptation of evil. A fine plot device and subject for a film. Don't dress him up like an emo. It upsets me.


Ruthie said...

"Emo Spiderman." Heh.

Have you seen "Batman Begins?"

Matthew Sinclair said...

Yeah. Brilliant film. Best of the modern superhero films by a country mile.

Chris Pike said...

Emo Spiderman...lolz

You mean venom from the marvel comics;

It's kinda anti-emo right? Alas we find out the venom symbiote is in fact a lonely emo child anyway!

Or did you mwan Peter dresses like an emo in street clothes?

james higham said...

What is an Emo? I'm from the Planet Zog.

Matthew Sinclair said...

When Peter dresses like an emo... and has emo hair.

Ruthie said...

Totally agree on Batman Begins.

It did justice to the graphic novels, and that's not an easy feat.

Chris Pike said...

Didn't think he dressed like an emo tbh. He wore black for sure, but black doesn't mean emo...his hair however - lolz.

Anonymous said...

wtf if his hair was what made him emo, then what about lil nicky, dumb and dumber? WTF these emo accusations make no sense, and since when did emo kids wear slick black suits?