Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Local Elections: More on the Minor Parties

Iain Dale's numbers confirm what I observed happening in the local elections. The Greens made great strides. All the other minor parties and independents stood still or went backwards. How the Greens will affect the other political parties remains one of the most interesting questions to emerge from these elections. The BNP are an ugly and unpleasant force in British politics but don't appear any closer to an electoral breakthrough. The UKIP are close to irrelevant outside of European elections. The Lib Dems are the most popular protest vote rather than a genuine third party.

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Don B said...

It is a pity that all the furore on Iain's blog has been about UKIP and I welcome your comment on the Green Party.
For what it is worth in the Wyre Forest the Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern increased their number of seats to 10 and they still hold at least 1 Worcestershire County Councillor. I have not yet checked what happened on Stourport Town Council, Bewdley Town Council and in South Shropshire.