Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Rudy Giuliani appears to be losing his way in the US Presidential Race. I expected him to do well a little while before he began his long period of poll dominance. However, now he's definitely stumbling. At the start of the race it very much looked like the right wing of the Republican Party really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt over abortion. He's utterly failing to articulate an effective answer to the questions over abortion. Fudging isn't the problem. He needs to do that and it is probably what the public want if they're honest. The problem is doing it badly. The position doesn't trouble me but the poor handling of the issue raises questions about how he'll do as Presidential candidate.

He still might win. I worry that says more about the lack of a credible alternative than anything else. McCain's moment has past and Romney is distasteful. It seems unlikely the next President will be a Republican.


Gracchi said...

Matt I agree Rudy is fudging too much at the moment and not gracefully enough but surely its too early to come to any conclusions now about what might happen in a year's time- a terrorist attack say or events in Iraq would change everything.

Ruthie said...

I agree.


I really like Rudy.