Wednesday, February 06, 2008

John McCain

Many voices in the UK media are suggesting that McCain didn't do enough to sew up the Republican nomination. That he has merely "moved closer" to securing the Republican nomination. They're wrong:

"It's virtually impossible for Romney or Huckabee to be the nominee just based on the arithmetic."

-- McCain adviser Charlie Black, quoted by NBC News, noting that McCain has 775 delegates, Romney had 284 and Huckabee has 205.

Added Black: "It takes 1,191 to clinch the nomination. There are 963 left to be chosen, so Romney or Huckabee would have to have all of them -- all of them -- to get to 1,191. Now you can't do that because a majority of those 963 are chosen in proportional primaries, which means you'd have to get 100% if the vote to get them all."

It's over. McCain is the Republican nominee. The media and other candidates just aren't quite used to the idea yet. He's done incredibly well despite huge opposition to his candidacy in the conservative establishment and a near collapse of his campaign - money nearly gone and staff leaving - just a few short months ago.

I don't agree with McCain in many areas of policy but it would be great to have an experienced hand on the foreign policy rudder. Beyond that, I think McCain's character and evident substance might really help to repair America's image. You only have to read the story of his captivity once to come away with a lasting respect, if you don't know the details go read up on Wikipedia.

This advert actually misses many of the most salient facts but gets the spirit just right:

Obama's inexperience, foreign policy gaffes and very left-wing voting record worry me. I really do look at him and see another Jimmy Carter in the making. Clinton worries me less. I reckon she'd do a pretty reasonable job but little about her candidacy has been at all inspiring. McCain is the man. As things stand I think he's the best candidate for President of the United States.


Ruthie said...

I agree.

If Romney gets the Republican nomination I'm not sure where I'll go from there.

Meg said...

With Romney out of the race the people who voted for him, the economic conservative, are likely to either hold their noses and vote for McCain or just stay home. Either way, it's a death knell for Huckabee... he won't gain votes from this, can only lose them, and can no longer count on Republican candidates targeting each other rather than him.