Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dealing with the SNP

Great point from James Cleverly, via DK, about the Lib Dem response to the SNP budget deal:

"The thing which strikes me is the Lib Dem reaction to these negotiations. They are calling it "back room dealings" and seem genuinely upset that a minority party (us) are negotiating with the government (SNP).

Well that is how PR government works! If you don't like it, stop calling for it."

Norfolk Blogger's argument that this deal constitutes a betrayal of unionism is silly. The budget freezes council and business tax and increases police numbers. Unless those police officers are going to form the core of a new Scottish army this budget isn't an attack on the union.

Had the budget failed and new elections been called that wouldn't have been a serious setback for the SNP's broader aims - they'd have gained in popularity if popular measures had been blocked and done well at new elections. Had all the unionist parties been united in opposing those popular measures that might actually have done some slight damage to the unionist cause going forward.

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