Thursday, November 09, 2006

The US Elections

I'm quite aware of a US election sized hole in this blog's coverage. Essentially I don't think anyone has a convincing generalisation of what went on in the US elections yet. Everyone is using the election as crutch for the exact same views they had before the election and none of these "another piece in the jigsaw" analyses seem much more convincing than the others.

Over at the Corner they had a buzzing, but at times rather sad, argument with most arguing that the solution was more conservatism. At least one Democrat is arguing that this shows the Republicans can only win with a big government platform. The European coverage is emphasising Iraq.

Jonah Goldberg, again on the Corner, summarises the situation well with a quote from a 1986 National Review editorial:
"Elections are the Rorschach blots of punditry. No matter how enigmatic their contours, everyone sees in them his own preoccupations."

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