Sunday, November 05, 2006


When bored I like to check the referrers to this blog using SiteMeter; it tells me when people link here and makes me smile. After I posted about the Spiegel article on sex and taboos in the Muslim world I got a flurry of readers who had used the google "blogsearch" facility to look for articles about "sex". I got a similar flood after I wrote an article about the British film industry which namechecked a few too many stars.

The content of the "sex" post may not quite have been what they were looking for. It contained a large quote about different countries searching for "sex" through Google and the connection to repression. I hope that didn't spoil their fun. At least I didn't get anyone searching for "man boy love".

If the Google Trends service is accurate then: hello my Pakistani friends!

In fact, they're probably searching in Urdu. The highest scoring English speaking city was Birmingham. Hello my Brummie friends!

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Anonymous said...

Did I beat Edmund to the punch? AV./