Monday, November 06, 2006

Mr. Eugenides in fine form

I have to congratulate Mr. Eugenides on the fine run of form he's on at the moment.

First, a well deserved written kick to Barry "punched another MP for not voting the party line" Sheerman.

"I take from that two things; first, that if he thought it could be banned, he'd ban it; and second, he knows that his intervention is going to make the square root of fuck-all difference, but decided he'd get his name in the papers anyway. Well fuck you, Sheerman, you complete cunt. I hope your neighbour's bonfire burns down your house tonight with you in it, and I can raise a glass of cold bubbly to the playful gods of Irony while you end your days in agonising pain on a trolley in a hospital corridor because your nearest NHS burns unit has closed down, with butt-ugly nurses munching on pizza as they ignore your screams."

Second, a response to the Saddam verdict that made me laugh.

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