Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Tory Disaffection Myth

Despite the anecdotal evidence on show in the comments on every single ConservativeHome story Conservative opinion of Cameron's performance hasn't really changed much and is overwhelmingly positive. His approval ratings have been slightly above the two thirds that elected him since his election and have changed only slightly during that period. The Catholic adoption agency row, the tax row and all the other assorted 'outrages' haven't really troubled the membership.

I'm not saying Cameron's programme doesn't at times deserve criticism but critics should not fool themselves into thinking they're speaking for the grassroots.


edmund said...

i think you're right there hasn't been a shift (indeed a truism) though that may partly be critics resigning and supporters joiniong. However given nearly a siezable minority of the Tory memberhsip is dissatified despite this I'm unconvinced that if the tories start ding worst his troubles won't get worst.

Don't forget tory members have an amazing record of loyalism-they may even have wanted to keep heath!

Tom Paine said...

I don't think they are loyal. They just have nowhere to go. UKIP is seen as a wasted vote and the BNP is vile. Labour must go and voting Tory is the only way to do it, but the irony is that Cameron is just Blair II.

The only other options are emigration or suicide, so sticking with the Camerooned Tories is not really a positive choice.

Praguetory said...

I think the tone and openness of the debates in the Conservative party generally contrast quite well with other major parties.

Jackart said...