Monday, February 05, 2007

Package Bomb goes off in Victoria

A bomb went off near New Scotland Yard on Victoria Street, not far from where I live. According to reports one woman was injured but not too seriously; hopefully she's okay.

Apparently it was sent to a business but I can't think of any particularly controversial businesses at that end of the street. Also, it seems unlikely that a package bomb could be large enough to hit either New Scotland Yard or the DTI via another store.

This suggests to me that it probably isn't Islamist violence or anything so significant, unless it is the terrorist equivalent of a shot across the boughs, but something more random: One of the banks has the account for a fence company whose fences are used at the primate lab in Oxford or something similar.


Devil's Kitchen said...

The business was Capita. Which administers things such as the license fee and car parking...


Matthew Sinclair said...

Yeah, just read that. Might be a genuine crazy loner.