Saturday, October 27, 2007

MessageSpace is Annoying

I don't think I'm the only one who finds Message Space Ads infuriating.

Absolute rule number one of producing a usable content-rich website, except for in certain corporate cases, is that you should never play sounds without your user requesting them. This is particularly true for websites, like blogs, that people read late at night or while at work when they don't want sound suddenly blaring out of their speakers. If I'm checking the blogs for relevant stories in the morning I don't need Charlie Falconer's opinions on a ban on lies or an imitation of 24 being played to a quiet office.

It's particularly frustrating because the sound often doesn't play immediately and when I am browsing I tend to switch between tabs at a blinding rate. I'm left flicking through the different sites I have open looking for the ad so that I can shut it up.

This isn't in the interests of advertisers for two reasons:
  1. I usually stop the sound by stopping the advert playing so do not see their message.
  2. If I do see the ad it will be after it has annoyed me which is an association most advertisers don't want me to be making.
If someone associated with MessageSpace reads this then please adopt the practice of the advertising agencies that place ads on newspaper websites - make it possible to turn on the sound but by default have it off. That way I'll watch more of the ads and will often turn the sound on out of curiosity if the ad is good. Your advertisers will thank you.


Gareth said...

You're not the only one, Message Space is bloody annoying.

Especially so when people using free platforms like Blogger start using it.

Dave Cole said...

I wholeheartedly agree.

Banner ads that expand when you roll over them - by accident - and any flash game that won't let you turn off the music.


Shades said...

Up against the wall, all these sitecrimes.

I fall victim the same as you- I open a whole load of tabs then sounds start after a random interval.