Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The far left combusts

RESPECT are tearing each other to pieces. I think this sort of thing happens about once a decade to serious consternation within the far left and general amusement among the roughly half dozen people outside that movement who notice. There are some truly hilarious statements flying around. For the right-winger who wants to have a bit of a smile at their incompetence there are a couple of decent sources in the blogosphere, thanks to Dave Cole for alerting me to all this - he has his own thoughts and questions:

  • Dave Osler first links to various statements from the SWP, Worker's Liberty and a couple of other sects and then expresses his own exasperation with it all.
  • Harry's Place has a statement from George Galloway and assorted cronies. Dave Dudley then offers what I'm pretty certain is a satire of it all.

When you see what this crazy lot are up to it is a potent reminder of how precious the relative unity of the centre-right is.

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