Friday, September 07, 2007

Penn & Teller on the environmental movement

DK posted this superb episode of the Penn & Teller show "Bullshit". I don't know where he gets them from but an earlier one on smoking was also excellent and I want to see more.

This isn't the entire environmental movement, there are decent and informed people out there, but it does characterise well the ignorance, hysteria and mixed objectives of far too many - quite possibly a majority - within the green camp. Those who use the environmental movement as a new rationale for old socialist dogma; the eco-socialists. Those who mean well but sign up to campaigns without really knowing the issues. Those who, if not properly challenged, will try to pass extreme possibilities off as well established facts.


Devil's Kitchen said...

I get them from here (though I don't link because I don't want to appear too partisan: I want people to watch 'em!): there's a couple of other very worthwhile videos on green stuff up there. The two parter, "An inconvenient truth or convenient fiction" is particularly good.


Anonymous said...

A fascinating admission, DK.
Of course there are nutters on both sides of any important debate and they are often quite entertaining. I take this website in that spirit.