Thursday, September 06, 2007

Greenpeace threaten hoodie-terrorism

This is so deeply unpleasant. The needless 'them and us' hatred of an 'enemy' guilty of nothing more than disagreeing with them. The presentation of extreme predictions as facts. The almost explicit call for violence (Greenpeace know that sceptical scientists already receive death threats).



Anonymous said...

Dunno if it is a coincidence but Greenpeace UK have suddenly gone uncontactable and any press queries are being shunted through Amsterdam.

My guess is that some local nitwit has thought this was 'crative' and failed to realize that it will in fact piss-off the key donors who are not in fact teenagers but middle-aged folk with disposable incomes.

Since absolutely none of us fancy being threatened by a hoodie, the very first shot of the sulky little git with the fake American accent and the erroneous belief that he is winsome and appealing, heralded the snapping shut of purses and brisk phone calls cancelling our subscriptions.

Had they stuck to a big-eyed moppet sobbing over her pet dolphin strangled in a net,you can be pretty sure that although it would be just a vomitous, it would not have the contrary effect of making people withdraw their support for the organization.

Funny old business, propaganda. You have to be so careful not to score a magnificent own-goal.

The video encapsulates all the self-centred sanctimonious thuggishness of the brand that Greenpeace has become since its days of hippiedom.

Probably we should be thankful we can finally see their true colours.

Anonymous said... are back now, so the source of the video is clearer.

The piece appears in their 'student' section, meaning Greenpeace know about it and have consented to having their logo used, but the actual production is not by them.

Surprised they went along with it; it is an obvious turkey.

Anonymous said...


"The Greenpeace Student Network is an alliance of passionate leaders fighting environmental crimes with grassroots power. Armed with top organizing tools, expert guidance, and an innovative student training system, the Network gives you the chance to be a real force in a global movement for change."

So far comments on this video have largely figured around suggesting the child's carbon is safely locked up six feet under somewhere, in order to make sure he doesn't use any more of earth's precious resources and can rest his little conscience on that score.

There must be a proper word for a video which achieves precisely the opposite of what was intended.

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The Jaguar said...

I think it's ridiculous to demonize youth for caring about their future. What he has said is true, I personally have never seen a beach free of trash. I could start listing other drastic and preventable ways the world has changed, but most of all I want to say shame on you to anyone telling us we should worry about donor money rather than human life and the environment (which are not different things if you look at it scientifically). This is not a throwaway issue. For my life, the life of all people around today and those that haven't been born, big changes need to happen. When you stand against us, you stand against your own great-grandchildren's survival. Like the boy says, you have a choice, luckily for the old folk, we will suffer the worst consequences.