Friday, April 27, 2007

Strange things you hear on the doorstep...

I've been canvassing recently and people are invariably utterly civilised. Even those who will never vote Conservative treat you to a friendly "you're wasting your time mate". It really does give me hope that the ASBO culture can be beaten.

You get some strange responses though. One told me that he'd vote Conservative if I could promise that the councillors would end all the violence in the world and poverty in Africa. I answered that this was probably beyond the authority of a district councillor.

The strangest, which I've heard repeatedly, is the charge "we only see you once a year for the elections" or some variety of that. What do people expect? Do they want their councillor cold calling them in case they are having problems?

If they had tried to get in touch with their councillor and had been given the cold shoulder it would be understandable. If a council had ignored serious problems they had it would be fair enough. However, "we only see you Conservatories [sic] at election time" is just bizarre. One of those statements that people seem to have internalised as sensible when it is actually pretty crazy.


James Higham said...

Ho hum. Tiberius is into "soft politics" and goodness in the world and Chris has an obsession with managerialism. Quite a debate.

Capitalism simply provides incentive for the individual to work hard and to see his hard work rewarded both for himself and his family.

It is soul destroying that the fruits of his labour care being planned to be taken away by socialists and given to the undeserving.

In fact, it's wrong.

Matthew Sinclair said...

You're making a habit of commenting on the wrong post James. :)