Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy St. George's Day

Also, I think Andrew Rosindell's call to make St. George's Day a bank holiday, replacing May Day, is a fine idea. Might piss off the Socialists as an added bonus.


Vino S said...

I'mm sure it would piss the CBI off more than us lefties ;)

After all.....we'd all quite fancy another day off work......;) it would be the employers who would be moaning about the ensuing fall in productivity etc

Matthew Sinclair said...

It would replace May Day. No extra day off.

Vino S said...

As I said on my blog, what's wrong with having it as a supplemental day off?

We could have the international day of the worker off and the patron saint of England's day off. It would honour both nationalism and internationalism