Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Nation of Monarchists

It shouldn't come as a surprise that, as a nation, we're staunchly supportive of the Queen but still these figures, via the Dude, are amazing:

"Q Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way the Queen is doing her job as Monarch?

Satisfied Dissatisfied Net satisfied
% % ±%
Dec 1992 75 17 +58
Feb 1996 74 16 +58
Dec 1997 72 21 +51
Mar 1998 66 20 +46
Aug 1998 73 18 +55
29-30 June 2000 71 17 +54
24-26 May 2002 82 12 +70
20-22 Apr 2006 85 8 +78"

These numbers might be thought to indicate that the monarchy will be vulnerable when the Queen is succeeded. Prince Charles is probably less popular but the monarchy as a whole should be fine. The public feels a lot of affection for the two princes thanks to the combination of their choosing to serve in the Army and sympathy for the loss of their late mother. Support for them will keep the monarchy just as popular as ever. Even without their popularity the monarchy does not seem vulnerable to the cynicism directed at other institutions. Britons are deeply attached to the Crown.

This could be an indication of a deep-seated patriotism which is failing to find expression. Rallying around the monarchy would seem to be a very British response to uncertainty about our place in the world. Until our political class can better articulate what our nation is about the monarchy will be an island of certainty and tradition in a sea of confusion and change.


Dave Cole said...

The problem for republicans (like me) is that the Queen is doing a good job as monarch. If you're going to have one, you might as well have a decent, committed and intelligent monarch. If a future monarch were a bit of a dimwit, that might change.

Gracchi said...

Matt any idea on regional variations in this- just strikes me as interesting given the Scottish elections coming up as the Queen is the ultimate symbol of Britishness

Matthew Sinclair said...

That's a really good thought. Mori don't appear to poll that question and a quick Google didn't turn anything up. Might be worth suggesting...