Friday, April 06, 2007

DK sticks up for the Bloggers

This defence of blogging by DK is absolutely brilliant. He defends political blogging as the beautiful, varied mess that it is and should be. In particular, he is right to note the importance of links to sustaining a proper debate. I really can't think of much to add. Well, one thing:

"Fuck them: it's their loss. The rest of us will carry on commentating, linking to our sources, researching, analysing, hassling our elected representatives for answers, and attempting to tell the truth (from whatever political perspective that might come)."

Not only will we carry on. We'll win. Particularly for the young, the Internet is fast becoming one of the most important sources the public uses to get the news. As people become more comfortable with reading the news on the Internet they will then expect to complement reporting with analysis, comment and the like. The diversity and debate which can be found in the blogosphere will be very attractive.

UK political blogging is still in its infancy. The final shape of the blogosphere will probably be quite different to its form today. However, blogs are here to stay and are only going to become more important. DK has described why that is a very good thing.

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