Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Will June 25th be the end of the Blair-era?

We've had these headlines before and this is somewhat qualified as it is an aide's plan rather than a set in stone date but the FT is a pretty reliable source:

"Senior Downing Street officials have drawn up a detailed draft timetable for Tony Blair's departure from Number 10 this summer, which will see him finally quit office in the last week of June.


Under the terms of the timetable Mr Blair will formally announce his intention to resign on either May 5 or May 8, one day after the first May bank holiday. His announcement on either day of his intention to leave office will trigger a seven-week contest for the Labour leadership.

This contest will culminate in the convening of a special Labour party conference at which the result of the leadership ballot will be formally declared. This conference will take place on June 23, immediately after Mr Blair returns from his final European Council meeting in Brussels."

After that happens the political phony war that has resulted from having a Prime Minister who has promised to leave before the next election may, finally, be over.

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