Monday, March 19, 2007

Right-wing success in Finland

Another Nordic success for the centre-right:

"The time for analysis of the results and why things went so well for the moderate conservatives of the NCP and so badly for the Social Democrats is still ahead, but one thing appears certain: as Finland shifts towards the right in what can only be described as an NCP landslide (in a country noted for small electoral swings), it is hard to envisage the new government being anything but a centre-right coalition."

According to a Finnish friend it is possible that new right-wing coalition will abolish the inheritance tax, cut income taxation significantly and take Finland into Nato. Eventually the Nordic countries will look across the North Sea and be baffled by the overbearing, high-tax economy in Britain.

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Anonymous said...

Just to note in the post cold war era the NCP and center party are really diffent by diffetn types of right elite vs hick s, that is the more internatinoalist, affluent, socially liberal market orint right vs the more isolatinist, traditionalist and welfare

However the NCP took a sharp tax cutting stance this election no doubt in part due to the rise of the center party and the overall picture of a shift right this elecion is obviously correct , the SD's third it's amazing!