Friday, March 09, 2007

Please leave now... please?

How exactly informing people about what is going to happen constitutes 'getting tough' I do not know:

"People visiting Britain on visas are to be sent text messages warning them that their “time is running out” as part of John Reid’s get-tough policy towards illegal immigrants."

It is so far from sensible that it's somewhat staggering. Firstly, as Mr. Eugenides (the title to his post is inspired) notes there is no duty for visitors to provide mobile phone numbers, secondly there is no monitoring of whether people leave so even if we could let all of them know all we'd be saying is "in three days we'll have no idea what's going on" and even if there was telling people how informed we are is the worst possible strategy for law enforcement; it seems better that asymettries of information are in law enforcement's favour.

David Davis is exactly right:

"David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, said that the policy was a serious admission of defeat. He said: “John Reid is effectively giving up on trying to deport the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in this country, preferring instead to spam them with text messages.

As for removing driving licences, does he really believe that a person who is prepared to live in a country illegally is that concerned about having the correct qualifications to drive in that country?”"

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