Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The British public are wonderful...

"When the 'if Gordon Brown was leader' question is asked the Tory lead grows to 42% to 29%. More reassuring for the Chancellor is that the Tory lead widens still further - 48% to 28% - if David Miliband was leader."

Of course, that result isn't exactly solid as the answers to these questions are highly unstable and the 'new face' factor isn't necessarily captured.

However, the relative position to Brown suggests that the public know that wearing glasses doesn't make you an intellectual and Miliband is actually a deeply conventional and uninspiring Social Democrat.


Anonymous said...

did somebody say "name recognition"?

Matthew Sinclair said...

Well... given that the poll asks something along the lines of "how would you vote if X were leader" we can assume that all those answering have, at least, heard of him. It's not like surveys where you are asked to choose a leader to vote for. I think this minimises the role of name recognition.