Friday, January 12, 2007


Brilliant quote from Jackart:

"Talking about yesterdays surprise rate rise by the bank of England,

Adam Lent, head of economics at the Trades Union Congress, said the decision "smacks of panic".

Head of Economics at the TUC? A post about as relevant as Lead Ballerina in The Parachute Regiment..."

I think it's possibly worse than irrelevant; Professor of Evolutionary Biology at the Texas Christian University might be a more apt comparison.


Dave Cole said...


Strange as it may sound to you, the TUC is interested in the economy. It's kinda important to jobs. Just because you don't agree with the organisation's existence, mission, outlook or think that a particular thing is poorly done doesn't mean that the existence of the post doesn't make sense.

Irrational bashing of groups you don't agree with makes you look foolish, little more.


Matthew Sinclair said...

I'm not saying they're not interested in the economy. I'm saying their views are ridiculous... just like the Texas Christian University's views on evolution are probably ridiculous.

The quote of Jackart points out that "TUC Economist" implies about as sound economic judgement as rising to the top of the Para ballet community implies balletic talent.