Friday, January 12, 2007

David Cameron is The Evil Lord Xenu

Apparently the Labour Party is taking money from Scientology front groups. Classy. As both this, priceless, clip from South Park and Dave's, rather cautious, analysis demonstrate these are some seriously nutty people. Then again, at least it dilutes Labour's reliance upon the unions.

This is why whoever is responsible for the Labour party's funding scandal deserves serious sanction. By making donating to the Labour party socially disreputable they force the party to either accept donations from those without a reputation to risk or return to being the political arm of the union movement. This is not an enviable choice.


Dave Cole said...

Who's going to be sued first, thee or me?

Matthew Sinclair said...

Lol... good times. Let's get things going:

All scientologists are freaks and crazies.