Thursday, January 18, 2007

Redwood on Tory Radio

I listened to my first Tory Radio 'broadcast' this evening. I'm not sure why I've never listened in before. I guess it's either that the colour scheme suggests to me a Cheeky plot or that I have a low tolerance for podcasts as I usually have music, TV or a film on while I'm reading blogs. Still, I am now sold and Tory Radio is firmly on the blogroll. The interview was done well and Redwood was great.

He was thoroughly positive about Cameron and made a very good, sound, case for the direction of Conservative policy. Apart from the environment his logic never sounded stretched. I'm sure that the cynics will write it off as careerism but it doesn't seem terribly credible to me that Redwood is the sort to bite his tongue in the hope of future advancement; he doesn't have the record of a careerist.

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Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with the colur scheme - The Tories always used yellow and blue up in my neck of the woods.

No seriously though, Redwood was very good. It was the first interview of note not done in person but over the phone so the quality wasn't too bad - but will work on it.

I have to say I liked Redwoods comments on Brown. I think he is right to say we could expect a bumpy ride with the economy - all of Browns own making.