Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blog Catfighting Returns

Whereas the last blogging catfight (Iain Dale vs. EU Referendum) had some semblance of substance and dignity this is just ridiculous.

I'm just so utterly unsurprised. 5th November is a gossip site. Have you ever heard anyone gossip in an intelligent and well rounded manner?

Of course not. That's why all the best newspapers are vaguely embarassed when breaking a gossip story and dress it up as a public morality crisis. If someone's raison d'etre is discussing Prescott's sex life why are you expecting a model of enlightened discourse?

Guido's response has been the masterful "look at my traffic puny mortals... your attacks only make me stronger". I think the fact that a spat can make a significant difference to his readership suggests that, in the blogosphere, we're all in the gutter in readership terms. It isn't something to brag about.

If you don't want to read what Guido writes then don't. I only read his stuff when he says something interesting enough to reach ConservativeHome because I don't really want to know about Tom Watson's gerbil fetish or whatever the latest irrelevant scandal is. In the end, there are plenty of thoughtful blogs on the internet. Find them. Read them. Link to me. Do something more constructive and trust that the rest of the blogosphere can and will judge for themselves.


Serf said...

I could do with more traffic. Why don't we start a feud :)

Matthew Sinclair said...



dizzy said...

Tom Watson has a gerbil fetish?

Matthew Sinclair said...

Yup. Part of the 'Lemmiwinks' brigade if you know your South Park.