Sunday, December 03, 2006


I took a look at UKIPHome as we have another new home, LibertarianHome, launching and Iain Dale's description made it sound like he'd got in another funny little spat like the old one with EU Referendum. Turns out all it adds up to is a strange, impotent, rage on Chad Noble's part at Iain still being a Tory. This rage has been manifested into some imagined personal dispute.

"Add to that the personal nature of the battle since I revealed Dale's lies over Norfolk Conservatives then you can certainly see why he dislikes me and UKIPHome so much."

Poor baby.

Still, it was worth the effort as it is one of the funniest blogs I've ever read. I can't see a way to get perma-links to individual articles so I'm afraid I'm just going to have to give you quotes. What is strange is that UKIP home isn't really a "home" as it never links to other UKIP writers but is instead a showcase for Noble's analytical brilliance. This makes it quite a read.

Does anyone ever get the impression that David Cameron beat Chad Noble as a child?

"No wonder Cameron is also encouraging people to grow their own vegatables, no-one is going to have any money to actually buy them.

The LibLabCon Westminster elite are so detached from the rest of us, like the Russian bourgeosie before the Russian revolution.

Real anger is building up but they either can't or don't want to address it."

Another classic:

"Support for 'others' is now almost as big as support for the LibDems at a whopping 15%.

People really are turning away from the LibLabCon-sensus Westminster elite.

Surely the honest thing would be for pollsters to start listing UKIP properly instead of lumping it in with 'other'?"

Given most of the "others" are the various nationalist parties I wouldn't recommend it. Then you couldn't enjoy your little "we're not in a tailspin since our racist Messiah left and are going to catch the LibDems any day now" delusion.

Finally, in this short sample, he combines this criticism of road pricing:

"When you consider that people are only using their cars because they have been driven off the trains by the spiralling prices, a scheme to make cars more expensive than the trains will leave thousands of people not able to afford to get to work."

With this call for increased taxation on vehicle fuel a few posts later:


We all know the real answer is charge for CO2 emissions is to add the charge into the price of fuel but those excellent people at SafeSpeed have produced this point by point excellent destruction of the Labour and Tory arguments for such a scheme."

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the famous self-rebutting Chad Noble. Also, increased petrol tax as a solution to climate change, being a focussing of the entire cost of curbing emissions onto one cause (leaving out air fuel, industrial emissions, power generation) is deeply distorting and hardly a policy for someone wanting to be a part of "the Libertarian Party".

I know that every party has its cranks and there will be others in the UKIP who are more sensible but it does tend to attract a disproportionate share of crackpots.


Gracchi said...

Minority parties tend to- I've always worried about a party whose former leader Sked beleives they are full of racists. Also its a party full of conspiracy theorists especially about Europe I've found.

Gracchi said...

The other thing is having just been there he asks for two pounds fifty to register in order to post comments- have you ever seen a blog which asks you to pay money in order to comment!

Serf said...

Tim Montgomerie has achieved something really important with Conservative Home. The fact that it is so much copied says much.

However, what Chad has completely failed to understand, is what makes CH so successful.

1) It is not Tim's ego projection, he tries to keep a balance in what he reports and how he does it.
2) It is well positioned between being connected and being independent.
3) It tries to make the news /break the news, not merely comment.

Despite the fact that many gripe about the site, it continues to be successful.

UKIP on the other hand is no more than an ego fuelled cameron hate fest.

On the subject of pay to post, Chad always disliked the anonymity of blogging, thereby completely missing the point.

Gracchi said...

Serf I agree was having a conversation recently on James Higham's blog with him and Mr Eugenides where the three of us agreed that part of the reason that we blog is for the comments as well as for us uttering thoughts- Chad just doesn't get it- you can always delete trolls afterall- its not difficult, I do it, I'm sure every other blogger gets rid of them too. But serious criticism of your views is part of the game and is important.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip guys. UKIP home isnt sanctioned nor approved by UKIP. It is a single indiviual who used to be Conservative and was unable to get the Tories to adopt his own agenda. He left them to start more than one party of his own which failed so he is trying it on UKIP now. Unlike Cameron who has succeeded in getting the Tories to adopt his wacky agenda, Mr Noble will not be getting his way with UKIP. End of story...........