Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lawson on 18 Doughty Street discussing Climate Change

He made a lot of the same points that were in his speech to the Centre for Policy Studies. There wasn't a lot new here but those points are still just as refreshing and persuasive. You can see the interview here.

His style was a fine example of the old Conservative manner. He maintained the most moderate of tones and yet never minced his words. He called the Stern report fraudulent and, when questioned on this, refined it to the kind of fraud that might land a company director in jail without ever sounding irate. This combination of a genial manner and strong words was a pleasant relic of another age now the alternatives are fuzzy friendliness or angry hysteria.


Lizzie said...

Sound politician and definitely beautiful style! Heard him on a panel of R4's 'Any Questions' in the summer. Shame there aren't more like him.

Gracchi said...

My problem with all this is that I don't understand the science and consequently find it difficult to estimate what is going on and therefore what costs there are. Lawson is providing a very rosy picture- and I think he talks during his lecture of the medieval warming periods- not as warm as today etc. I just find this a very difficult issue to contribute on without any scientific expertise in this field.