Monday, September 11, 2006

Up to two million terrorists?

The MCB, doing a sterling job of representing its constituents as decent and law abiding, has warned that if the "demonisation" of Muslims continues we could face 2 million homegrown terrorists. He has insulted Muslims far more than any Danish cartoons ever did by implying they are so irrational and violent.

Now, if you were to try and construct an empirical test of this hypothesis you couldn't do much better than a survey of European countries which contained information on the opinions of non-muslims on muslims and vice-versa. You could then see which Muslims were most demonised and compare that figure to how angry they were.

Fortunately, we have just such a survey and it turns out that British Muslims are the most trusted by their non-Muslim counterparts and yet the most angry and dissaproving in return; the MCB could not be more wrong. Perhaps the organisation should stop spending its time publically feeling sorry for itself and do something constructive about extremist Islam in the UK.

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