Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Union Trouble

Mr. E. comprehensively fails to hold back the rage in response to the union resistance to private sector involvement in their workplaces. I don't blame him.

I tend to judge British politicians particularly by their stance on the unions. It is like protectionism in the US as a test of whether you are really willing to confront popular, economically irrational, prejudices. It's the reason why I don't have quite the dislike for Livingstone that I once did. It shouldn't take bravery to side against a union striking over a man being fired for getting caught playing squash while off work with an ankle injury but, unfortunately, it does.

It's the reason why the Union Modernisation Fund is, in my opinion, easily the most politically sordid act of this government.

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Anonymous said...

why not use the same basis in the US- ie unions-they exist in the US and are often v powerful you know