Monday, September 03, 2007

The Case Against Further Green Taxes

A report of mine examining the state of green taxes launched today. It sets out how we already pay far too much green tax and that these charges are not particularly effective, are economically harmful and regressive.

I'm very proud of it and the media coverage has been superb. Front page of the Metro, in the Telegraph, Sun, Financial Times and other papers and some broadcast media attention as well.

Do take a read, the full report is available at the TaxPayers' Alliance website as a PDF.


Vino S said...

Hi Matt, I am glad to hear you share my view that green taxes can be regressive!

However, I do wonder whether it is the case that green taxes are levied too high for the social cost of pollution. After all, the damage caused by pollution is cumilative and so - extra carbon dioxide emitted several yrs ago could still be heating the environment and will not be removed by new taxes imposed now.

Additionally, if rising temperatures will mean more flooding, more areas becoming unsuitable for agriculture and shortages of clean, fresh, water then I suspect that the costs suggested for the social cost of carbon will be much higher. As I said on my blog, I am concerned that green taxes - which enable people, in a sense, to buy the right to pollute - are only useful if they can also tie in with ways of compensating those who suffer as a result. As i said, the benefits of economic growth, at the moment, do not necessarily go to those who suffer the most from rising temperatures and sea levels etc.

El Dave. said...

Can I just clarify that you think regressive taxes are bad?

Matthew Sinclair said...


El Dave. said...

On what?

Matthew Sinclair said...

The impact upon dependency more than anything although there are other factors. You're right to point out that the regressive quality itself is not what troubles me.

Anonymous said...

intresting report. I saw tthis in the paper and hadn't realised it was you that had done it.

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