Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aspirational Rochdale

Tim Aker posts on the TaxPayers' Alliance blog:

"If anyone needs convincing that Regional Development Agencies are a waste of time, space and money, one should look at the Rochdale Development Agency. The Times reports this morning that the Rochdale Development Agency has been advertising Rochdale by using pictures of Manchester.

Yes. They advertised Rochdale by showing pictures of a completely different area fifteen miles away. Why? The development agency said it was to “reflect the aspirations of Rochdale’s citizens”."

I think its probably quite an accurate reflection of the aspirations of Rochdale's citizens. To leave.


Anonymous said...

I hate the confrontational pose they pull upon being rumbled. There's definately a parallel with burglars who now prefer to kick people's heads in that come across them mid-crime rather than run away. Aggression is the preferred solution to any problem.

El Dave. said...

It's not so much that RDAs are a waste of time as that they duplicate functions. There are RDAs, regional Government Offices and Regional Assemblies. It would seem to make a lot more sense to bundle them into one organisation responsible for delivering regional government and administration. If a region wanted to have elected representatives controlling it they could (as in Wales) but if not, it could carry out the policies of central government.