Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finally a green article that isn't hysterical

If every green article were like this one from the Scotsman the green debate would be so much less infuriating. It manages to combine a non-hysterical account of expected harms from global warming with an acknowledgement of benefits. It then moves on to a discussion of how we might go about adapting (or in this case helping species adapt) to the changes global warming will bring.

As an alternative to the apocalyptic scare story chosen from the absolute extreme end of the futures envisioned by the scientific community, completely ignoring possible benefits and making a lame case for global socialism it's a real breath of fresh air. Brilliant and far more persuasive.

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The Nameless One said...

It is funny how so many people in the environmental lobby think that the best way to persuade us as to the validity of their cause is to shrilly scream about an imminent apocalypse. I am extremely sceptical about the concept of global warming, true, but I wonder why those who feel the need to warn us do so in a manner that resembles someone walking around weraing a sandwich board saying "the end of the world is nigh?"