Monday, April 30, 2007

St. Georges Day

I took this picture on St. Georges Day on a walk into Letchworth town centre. I was planning on using it that day but didn't have the right kit with me to get it onto the computer. It was a grey day but the Cross of St. George was flying proudly and Letchworth was really looking its best. It was a heartening contrast with St. Georges day so poorly recognised elsewhere.

I think the biggest reason for low recognition of St. Georges Day isn't an unwillingness by the English to be openly patriotic. Look what happens during international football tournaments, flags everywhere. It isn't the lack of official sanction such as a day off work. St. Patricks Day doesn't involve time off work, at least in the UK, but people still pay attention.

The problem is that there isn't anything you're supposed to do on St. Georges Day. On St. Patricks day you don't have to feel guilty about your binge drinking. On St. Davids Day there are daffodils, roses aren't exactly in season in April. What we need is an idea of what a person can do on St. Georges Day to celebrate their Englishness.

Best idea I've had so far is drinking in a pub garden. Requires better weather than we had where I was this year but it is very English and very measured compared to the raucousness of the Irish. However, I think something more creative and different is in order if we can think of it. Something literary perhaps. Any ideas?

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Ruthie said...

You could give people anonymous gifts (like we do on May Day).

Or maybe you could find something dragon-related, because wasn't George the one that killed all the dragons? Maybe there could be a St. George's Day mascot drink that's fiery and red.

What a pretty picture. England is so romantic.