Monday, November 10, 2008

In defence of the tabloid press

Paul Dacre's speech to the Society of Editors is a powerful defence of tabloid journalism, and the freedoms it depends on.  Worth reading in full, I'd say.


Anonymous said...

Matt I'm slightly surprised to find you wholeheartedly endorsing the tabloid press. I know people who have been in the heart of a tabloid storm- ordinary people like you and me and its not nice at all. One of them had her two year old son sworn at through the letterbox and bullied by journalists from a national newspaper. Obviously they are pretty hypocritical about their 'values' just see Private Eye- but its their ethics that I object to. Whether it is court cases they destroy- witness the Daily Mirror in the Bowyer Woodgate case- or ordinary people that they doorstep they are fundamentally unpleasant and evil institutions.

Just because someone quotes the TPA every day, doesn't make them a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Dacre seems to like name dropping. However the current tabloids would rather detail the dropping of trousers than the discovery of penicillin.
they take pride in bullying and sensationalism. And wonder why their circulation is not what it could be.
To endorse them shows more about Sinclair than reveal any fubdamental truth.

Anonymous said...

Far from informing, the tabloid’s purpose is to distract people from reality - the circuses part of bread and circuses. It is plays a major role in promoting ignorance, aggressive misanthropy, fear and cruelty in UK society. It is proud of breaking the law and whipping up the nastiest side of humanity, reveling in the destruction of anything precious. It is a national sickness that should be cut out. I suggest 'Sinclair' should think again.

Anonymous said...

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James Higham said...

Of course the tabloids have a place.

Matt, it's taken me a long time because I didn't have internet but I've now got you rolled and shall be inflicting myself on you more now.

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Kaylene Norris said...

I do not think that this is very informative. The tabloid is used to distract people from what is really happening. But I can appreciate an alternative perspective.

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millions4us said...

Tabloids always go for a killer story no matter who gets hurt indirectly or directly. The story is king and unfortunately most stories like the kinder garden shootings in Connecticut.

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