Friday, July 25, 2008

Newsnight Review is shockingly bad

Their discussion of The Dark Knight was full of massive spoilers. Anyone who has seen the programme before going to the cinema will be able to see large chunks of the film coming and have at least one, tense scene ruined.

Their treatment of the themes in the film was shallow. The film is evoking götterdämmerung and the idiot that Newsnight have got on can't see anything deeper than a small minded political allegory.

There was no serious discussion of the visual quality of the film, the pacing, the acting or the plot.

Isn't the point of the BBC supposed to be that they can do things like this well?


Anonymous said...

I thought the point of the BBC was to keep a few thousand folk off the dole?

keep up the good work Matt,

Anonymous said...

what were the spoilers exactly?