Tuesday, February 12, 2008

London talks climate change

I was an expert in the audience for London Talking, a political chatshow on ITV London, this evening. Their line up is worth sharing:

The presenter: Konnie Huq

Every week: Vanessa Feltz and Nick Ferrari

This week: Andrew Gilligan and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Plus a smattering (maybe half a dozen) of experts in the audience and an audience of about forty. We were discussing environmental policy in the section I took part in. Later on they would discuss abortion. It was pretty novel to have a panel show that was so focussed aroun discussion by non-specialists. It had Radio 5's populist appeal. An interesting addition to the TV line-up.

What was even more interesting was that again the audience were distinctly hostile to the greens. I got to make two points setting out why motorists don't deserved to be taxed more and plastic bags shouldn't be banned. Cheers for the greens were a lot quieter and less enthusiastic than those for the blockers like Ferrari and myself. The same divide was clear in the Channel 4 programme I did on the issue a while back. It is possible that both programmes were unrepresentative but it seems equally likely that that support for green policies is still very weak among the general public.


Gracchi said...

Interesting- though from my experience in TV in the past I do know audiences for those programs are carefully selected to get people who will ask questions say at the right point- so you might be seeing some kind of bias. But its still interesting.

Anonymous said...

What was Konnie like in person? My daughter says that she recently had a boob job - was this at all apparent? I am asking for a friend who is interested in such things- obviously....