Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Douglas Carswell thinks about an anti-Tranzi rebellion

This piece, for, is incredibly provocative. The very idea of a "Pim Fortuyn moment" when an outsider crashes down a political class consensus that the wider population have little time for is incredible coming from an MP, and in a country so used to stability and incrementalism.

"Voters sense Britain is becoming a state of failure; billions of pounds go into a health service riddled with delays and MRSA. More money on schools has seen standards actually decline. The criminal justice system is often useless. Government has lost control of our borders - as well as its own agencies and quangos.


Ponder the possibilities. A popular mood of radical anti-politics mixed with the internet; it could get interesting...."

Setting up new parties in a first past the post electoral system is foolishness and we're a very different country to the Netherlands so a British "Pim Fortuyn moment" wouldn't look like the Dutch one. Most likely it would either be within a current party or non-party. However, there are opportunities. Imagine if an MP had really taken the Government - and the wider political class - to task for their pathetic response to the Danish Cartoons crisis; their lamentable failure to defend free speech against threats and religious hysteria. I think there were signs in the polls that they might have found a very receptive audience.

Out of sparks like that it might be possible to build a movement that would build upon deeply felt nationalism, discontent at an increasing decline in personal sovereignty and robust attachment to Western values.

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