Thursday, December 06, 2007

"I love thee like optical zoom, all others are mere digital"

At 23 I'm still pretty young. However, I already find the modern world's soullessness alarming at times.


Dave Cole said...

OK, it's a naff bit of advertising, but not totally unreasonable. As you know, I quite enjoy photography, and digital zoom is a bit of a pox. Optical zooming allows for a greater range and quality of expression. said...

Agree with the above. The advert is a joke, but a phone with optical zoom is quite exciting, if you like taking pictures on phones (which I do sometimes).

I'm a bit confused about the photo of the coffee mug being an "expression of emotion" mind.

Ruthie said...

You should make the title of this post into a card, and give it to your girlfriend.

Who says romance is dead?