Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Show some respect!

This really angers me:

First, these statues are really old, I don't think that a non-expert can really have a good idea of what will damage them. For the Terracotta warriors to have survived two thousand two hundred years only to be damaged in a self-righteous berk's publicity stunt would be a real tragedy.

Fortunately, it appears Martin Wyness, serial eco-protestor, hasn't damaged them but he has still shown a massive disrespect to these artefacts by using them for his stupid little demonstration. Relics of earlier ages like these should be shown respect as they represent a vanishingly rare link to the past. Particularly in China where so much was destroyed in the great cultural tragedy of the Cultural Revolution. I also think that, when the pictures of this reaches China, the resemblance of the masks placed on the warriors to Asians during the SARS crisis will be considered rather offensive. I feel embarassed to belong to the same nationality as Martin Wyness the eco-idiot.

The last time I felt a similar anger was when the May Day protestors defaced the Cenotaph. Giving Churchill a mohican is one thing, he'd have seen the funny side. Defacing a war memorial to more honourable men who died in the defence of our nation is something else entirely. Both the Terracotta Warriors and the Cenotaph have such meaning that any infringement upon them for political purposes requires a person to be utterly small-minded, crass and self-obsessed. Protesting against Chinese CO2 emissions is, I think, misguided but is definitely entirely legitimate. Doing so in this way is disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Is this protestor trying to stop the statues from breathing *in* noxious fumes, or breathing *out* CO2?

Anonymous said...

hi, just a wee comment. is it not possible that the lack of respect you go on so long about started when the chinese government raided someones grave and shipped what they found overseas to gain money and prestige.

martin wyness

Matthew Sinclair said...


You're anti-archaeology? Really? If you'd made that the theme of your protest it would, at least, have been a little more funny and a little less infuriating.

As to whether they're after "money and prestige":

a) It is not the money. You think this shows up in the Chinese government's accounts?

b) Why shouldn't a nation trade off its history for prestige? Every country does it and I see nothing wrong with showing off such an incredible past.

c) I'm grateful that they shipped them overseas. That gives thousands of people a chance to see these wonderful historical artifacts without a trip to Xi'an.

Anonymous said...

idiot i suppose there are defences

a) the archeology point above when does grave robbing stop being wrong

b) These are the magicla guardians of one of the greatest criminals in history - who also apart form the al the people he had killed rivialed mao for cultural destruction