Monday, September 17, 2007


I feel utterly drained at the moment. I'm not sure why. Not physically tired but just emotionally empty apart from an unpleasant sense of loathing.

The condition has persisted since some time over the weekend and it's horrible. I can't explain it at all. Had the feeling arrived today I'd have blamed the weather but yesterday was all glorious sunshine. Nothing stressful or unpleasant has happened. Work continues to go well. My creative faculties don't appear to have suffered. Very strange.

Ah well, hopefully it will clear soon and I'll be full of beans again. I'll have to take blogging a little easy till that happens or I might have something of a swearblogger episode.


Gracchi said...

Hope you are feeling better soon old fellow- keep it up- I'm enjoying your takedown of the Goldsmith report!

Dave Cole said...


Hope you're feeling better soon. Make sure you spending time outside, in the sunshine. Come round for dinner. Phases like this come and will as surely go.