Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pakistan slides further towards anarchy

Today the Telegraph reports a growing number of attacks in Pakistan's border regions. This is very worrying. It suggests a growing loss of government control. If this goes too far the attacks will start to spread across the country. It is at that stage, when the government is no longer able to guarantee people's security in the heartland as well as the chaotic border regions, that the threat of an Islamist revolution, promising stability, proving successful becomes very real.

If that happens all hell breaks loose. Pakistanis face the dismal future of a people under Islamist rule. The Christian minority face the prospect of truly horrific abuse. The security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons becomes far less certain. Relations with India take a serious hit. The British-Pakistani community becomes even more radicalised. In short: all hell breaks loose.

The army isn't done yet and things still could turn out alright but there is no doubting that things are currently going very wrong.


Gracchi said...

Matt I agree the present is deeply worrying especially in the context of the recent House of Lords debate on Afghanistan. I don't know if you saw it but Paddy Ashdown and Lord Inge (former army chief of staff) were openly talking about failure in Afghanistan which would have repurcussions obviously for Pakistan.

Dave Cole said...

The Today programme this morning reported on further attacks, including one in the south of Pakistan. It looks bleak, IMHO. The correspondent in Islamabad said that most people did not support the extremists, but that didn't mean they couldn't wrest power from Musharraf.