Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fred Thompson at Policy Exchange

I was at Policy Exchange for this speech from Presidential candidate Fred Thompson yesterday, video via BritainandAmerica, and it was very interesting:

I thought he was extremely solid. Not the most dynamic or inspirational of speakers but he had the diamond combination I was looking for, and wasn't sure he'd display, of:

a) Recognising that in order to temper the exuberance of neo-conservativism we need a new dose of realism.


b) Recognising the problems in Iraq and discussing them frankly.


c) Still arguing for a muscular foreign policy.


Anonymous said...

Rudy actually gets knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and was presented the Ronald Reagan Presidential Freedom Award by former first lady Nancy Reagan.

Meanwhile Freddy is staging photo-ops to try and make it appear he is Reaganesque and has credentials he cleary does not.

Ruthie said...

I'm a bit worried about his seeming determination to use military force against Iran.