Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Communist Monopoly

Given that Monopoly was originally conceived of to demonstrate how rents enrich landlords and impoverish tenants, a critique of capitalism, it was always somewhat ironic that it became such a business. It has to be one of the first examples of capitalism co-opting its enemies. The early twentieth century equivalent of stores selling Ché Guevara t-shirts (although this article explains just how unpleasant hero worship of Guevara is).

Now this, deeply silly, YouTube video goes one step further and asks the question, what would Communist Monopoly look like?


Ruthie said...

That's hilarious! Wait until I show my brother....

Incidentally, seeing people wearing shirts emblazoned with Che Guevara has always bothered me too.

Gracchi said...

Its brilliant- well done sir!