Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Taxpayers' Alliance

I started work today for the TaxPayers' Alliance. It has been a very encouraging day and thoroughly interesting. I'm now distinctly tired. The student lifestyle has left me soft. As such, I doubt I'll be writing much this evening.

They have graciously given me permission to keep on blogging so Sinclair's Musings will continue. My voice on this blog, however, is purely my own. It should not be taken as any indication of the views of the TaxPayers' Alliance. They have their own blog, which I'll be contributing to.


Dave Cole said...

Delighted for you, both on the job and the continuation of the blog.

Anonymous said...

How about raising the following TAX SCANDAL with your new employers.

As an Englishman, on an average salary, my annual tax bill is £700 higher than it should be in order for this British government to spend over £1500 more per person on the Scots than they do on every English person (the BARNETT FORMULA ) so that the Scots can enjoy luxuries the English can only dream of - no top up tuition fees, free care for the elderly, free access to cancer drugs, etc.

James Higham said...

Do you know Wat Tyler in his real manifestation?