Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Democratic Whores!

Apparently Hillary is going to spend a day as a nurse in order to attempt to secure the backing of the important Service Employees International Union. How... juvenile.

Our approach to union politics is so much more grown up. The unions don't need to be reassured by Hazel Blears dressing up as a nurse, civil servant or tube driver. Instead, they content themselves with complete financial domination of the Labour party.

Hazel Blears' article for the Guardian is utterly shameless. Unions are a group entirely dependent upon the exceptional privilege of legal protection from being fired or sued for breach of contract when they don't turn up for work, they have been the direct recipients of taxpayer's money under a Labour government, historically their excesses have done huge damage to the UK economy; they are the sort of interest group whose influence on our democracy we should be really careful of. Hazel Blears is actually boasting that they have a 'hotline' to the Labour government. Disgusting.


Dave Cole said...

It's a shame you weren't at Labour Party Conference. We were treated to a film about Hazel Blears spending a day working on the shop floor of Tesco's.


Matthew Sinclair said...

Actually, I did see that video in connection with the minimum wage for the film-maker thing. Impressive.

Anonymous said...

Why don't Ms Blears get a job in Tesco or better still the new Ronald MacDonald, she's a laugh really and I am sure she will a lot of burgers.

Peter Risdon said...

I'm not sure you haven't been too kind.