Friday, December 01, 2006

Sometimes it can be hard to take Latin America seriously...

In Mexico they're actually having fistfights in parliament over the disputed Presidential elections:

"Brawls broke out between the two parties, which have both been holding their ground in the assembly for days, bringing in sleeping bags and taking shifts to prevent the other side from seizing more areas."

It is very hard to take Latin American socialism seriously when their politics is so thoroughly silly. Back when the Russians were giving them warheads maybe they could create a stir but now they're the Islamists' comedy accompaniment.

Chavez is another example; the War Nerd on his arms purchase:

"Think about what weapons you'd buy if you were a Leftist, anti-American leader with unlimited oil money to spend, like Chavez. Assume your goal is to bleed the Yankee invaders bad enough to make them think twice about invading you. Take your cue from successful local guerrilla armies like Hezbollah. And assume you're buying from the Russians.

My shopping list would start with surface-to-air missiles, especially light, shoulder-fired weapons that can be dispersed to militias, and (thanks to that good ol' Soviet engineering) even buried in the back yard for a year or two and still fire up first time.


What he did buy with his $3 billion was 24 Sukhoi Su-30 fighters and 53 helicopters. Against a US invasion, all that hardware would be an instant writeoff. If you want to beat the US armed forces, you don't buy fighter jets, because they'll just get shot down. More likely, the USAF will turn them into modern art inside their hangars before they even get warmed up. And those 53 choppers, if they ever get into the air, will just be dessert for any US pilots who didn't get the chance to kill your fighter planes. You know how those fighter jocks are, itching to stencil another kill on the fuselage."

Regime change would be like kicking a diseased squirrel baby.

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