Monday, November 13, 2006

Sometimes the French redeem themselves so spectacularly...

It's often easy, as a conservative, to get a little dismissive of the French with their combination of preening pretension to leadership in global politics combined with small minded protectionism and a fear of economic change which is slowly killing their nation's strength. However, despite all this, they have moments of such utter brilliance you have to forgive them. The wine, food and general taste go without saying. However, they also have moments like this from 1978:

A reminder that the French, at their best, get the spirit of the West better than anyone. Utterly reckless with a taste for quality (the car is a Ferrari) and an artistic flourish at the end. This video builds over time so definitely don't stop watching till you're at least half way through when it stops using relatively open roads and becomes truly hair raising. For more details on the story behind this video take a look at the post I've lifted it from over at A Very British Dude.

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