Friday, November 03, 2006

LBJ shows Vernon Robinson how it's done

The famous 'daisy' ad from LBJ highlights that even Vernon Robinson's efforts from the current election can't match up to the best in a proud history of intense US campaign ads.

The difference is that as opposed to the ridiculous character attack from Vernon Robinson LBJ was at least addressing an important issue which deserved to be taken seriously. Still, painting your opponent as a crackpot who can't be trusted with his finger on the trigger is a bit low.

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Anonymous said...

what ridiculous character add?

and it was despicable because along with a lot of the non advert driven part of the Johnson campaign (eg by the letter by psychatrosts) it smeared Goldwater as psychologically unstable and loving war- which I think fell into smear rather than war differences if any add involving an issue did!