Thursday, November 23, 2006

Any ideas?

This blog's description/subtitle "Thoughts on UK and international politics and economics from an LSE Economic Historian" was always a bit bland and only useful as a claim to some intellectual substance. Now I am, for the moment at least, not at the LSE it is innaccurate as well as bland. Can any of my readers suggest a new description? Suggestions via the comments or e-mail would be very welcome.


Dave Cole said...

I put 'I'm Dave Cole and I approve this message on mine'.

How about

'tough on socialism and the causes of socialism'
'judging the future by the past'
'the road away from serfdom'
'when my blog is really big I'm going to link to unoriginalname38 all the time'


Gracchi said...

Matt given your recent articles waht about,

Hot off the press, cold on climate change.

Constructive not compassionate Conservatism

Meg said...

"Making the world a more conservative place, one socialist at a time."

"Make love not bad arguments"

"Reductio ad Hitlerum"